Justice Tonight/Kick It Over - The Clash

Available only as the B-side to the 12” London Calling club single, Justice Tonight was finally released on Super Black Market Clash in 1993.

Mankind - Misty in Roots

Firstly released on Live at the Counter Eurovision album, from non-profit concert which took place in Brussels on 31st March and 1st April 1979. It was organised under the initiative of Pour le Socialisme and the weekly newspaper POUR (Belgium). Misty in Roots was supported by John Peel, who wanted to bring roots reggae to a larger audience (Mankind was played at Peel’s funerals in 2004).
In 1979 Clarence Baker, a member of the collective, was severely beaten and injured during the protest in Southall against the National Front provocation.

Living on the Front Line - Eddy Grant

From critically acclaimed album Walking on Sunshine. First single released on solo by Eddy Grant, eleven years after Baby Come Back, his first success with The Equals, and three years before Electric Avenue

Point of View - Matumbi

From Point of View Matumbi’s second album. This track was a UK top 40 hit, the first successful release for Dennis Bovell.

Silly Games - Janet Kay

From debut album Silly Games. Produced by Dennis Bovell. Janet Kay was the first British black female reggae singer to reach the top of the UK charts.